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Our growers

Only the most dedicated and passionate growers have joined the Oranje Paprika Vereniging which means "Orange Bell Pepper Association". Together they represent a growing surface area of 100 hectares - which is almost 200 football pitches!

With passion and love for the produce, these growers make every effort to ensure consumers can enjoy this tasty vegetable every day.

If you ask them why they chose to grow this colour bell pepper - sometimes already a generation back- the response is unanimous:

  • deliciously sweet
  • a real crowd pleaser: from big to small, and young to old
  • tasty and therefore suitable in any recipe, an orange bell pepper keeps on surprising
  • bursting with vitamin C – it beats an orange hands down
  • as orange bell peppers contain lutein and zeaxanthin, this colour pepper helps prevent macular degeneration, so it is good for your sight as well as being delicious and healthy!